Antilife has been playing concerts in the New York City metropolitan area for more than twenty years. The show is humorous, but this band is no joke musically. This band is filled with professional talented musicians. Antilife has played many rock clubs throughout New York City and other places, including Continental Club, CBGB’s, Lion's Den, Rock n Roll Cafe, Snitch, Spiral, Pyramid Club, Arlene’s Grocery and Sullivan Hall to name a few. On June 18, 1997, they released their self-titled CD. They have many fans who are enthusiastic about the exploration Antilife can take them on during each show. They always please the crowd. This is a LIVE band, and you've got to see them to really feel them. They have a tremendous stage presence and rock HARD every time! Anthems like "I Smoke Dope" seem to stick in your head forever. Their infamous ballad "Fuck" is not to be missed live, with long spaced out jams. Their sound is a very unique blend of punk, hard rock, heavy metal and space-jams. Jazz Metal at it’s finest.  People always leave their shows with a smile.



The Judge of Life - Throat

Mike Trash - Guitars

Grand Pepper of Reality - UcaBass

Space - Space Trumpet

Keith Krapp - Keys

The Drummer - Drums